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Alyeska Appraisal Svc LLC, 235 St Johann Loop, Girdwood Ak - Antique Appraisal

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Alyeska Appraisal Svc LLC is Antique Appraisal from Girdwood Ak. Do you have an eye for unique antiques? We are buyers and sellers of anything antique or unique. Through experience, research, and consulting, we will determine current market value for your estate items. We have an excellent selection of vintage jewelry, new handmade jewelry, vinyl albums, memorabilia, glassware and many other collectibles. We desire to be your first choice for premium quality collector and investor coins and collectibles. Our staff works to educate each customer thoroughly about the facts concerning the items purchased. We are always looking for new old things and look forward to providing professional appraisal and antique outlets for your estate.


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Alyeska Appraisal Svc LLC Girdwood Ak offers: Furniture, Glassware, Vintage Clothing, Jewelry, Artwork, Primitives. We Buy, Sell and Consign. We are continually adding inventory. We offer affordable gifts and treasures for all occasions. Our reputation is only as good as the job we are working on. Enter this compact and mysterious store to discover some of the rarest finds and exotic jewelry. We carry a wide variety of eclectic and unique items that can customize all types and sizes of spaces, rooms and residences. We offer competitive prices for your antiques, art, jewelry, and collectibles.

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