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Now Space is Antiques & Collectibles from Los Angeles Ca. Start your collection or sell us your goods for a fair price! Our friendly, and professional appraiser with many years of expertise is always ready for estate visits. Take a look around your home and jewelry box for your old items, and we will buy and sell with you. Best Prices for Your Gold Silver & Coins! We are skilled in refinishing and repair , we are able to match custom kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets and fine furniture. We are known for their exceptional customer service and provides a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience every time you visit. When you come to our store you know you can trust that you will receive the best value for the items that are valuable to you!


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Now Space Los Angeles Ca offers: Think of how a lovely gold leaf framing around the doors of your home will lift up its overall appearance. Our reputation is only as good as the job we are working on. Thus began and still is the perfect place to buy fine quality jewelry at about the same price we sold to jewelers throughout the country. If you do not see what you are looking for, let us know, or check back often. We have new items stocked every day and are worth visiting frequently. We are estate specialists who will assist you throughout the process and make sure to pay fair prices. We can also repair gashes and dings in your broken wood furniture.

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We would like the opportunity to work with you! We look forward to your visit. For more information, call us now! From new age to vintage from old school to new school, we have a huge variety of everything to make your browsing experience an unforgetable one! If you have questions or comments about the shop, please don not hesitate to contact me. Call today for a free estimate.

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