Meldas Bazar

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  • Main Activity: Collectibles, Clothing Stores, Antiques, Tools
  • Richmond Ca

  • 12915 San Pablo Ave
  • 510 778 1272


Meldas Bazar, 12915 San Pablo Ave, Richmond Ca - Collectibles, Clothing Stores, Antiques, Tools

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Meldas Bazar is Collectibles, Clothing Stores, Antiques, Tools from Richmond Ca. Our vendors are the top "pickers" in the South, who spend their days scouting out fabulous finds to make your home special. Find a great value on new, used and antique furniture. If you are looking for quick cash for your unwanted antiques, or looking for that hard-to-find conversation piece, come to us. The company provides a wide range of valuables and irreplaceable items, from antiques and decorative furnishings to collectibles. Just because something is old or used does not mean it is dirty. Our hope is that you will feel confident in our ability to meet all of your expectations and know that our clients are always our number one focus. A unique mixture of both new and old.


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Meldas Bazar Richmond Ca offers: Hire us to restore any antique items or add special designs and refinishes on your furniture and homes interiors. We offer competitive prices for your antiques, art, jewelry, and collectibles. At our multi-dealer antique store, we invite you to find the decor you are looking for among our elegant collection of antiques, mid-century modern home furnishings, original art, and retro home accents. The process starts by sharing your dream with us, it can be specific or vague, and we will assist you in making that dream come true. We commit to new price reductions every day as we rotate our consigned inventory throughout the store. Our events bring in a wide range of dealers with a variety of wares including furniture, jewelry, toys, vinyl records, glassware, and much more! Antiques, collectibles, decor, dolls, gifts, jewelry, rugs, antique shop!

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Call us at the phone number: 510 778 1272 or visit our website: or contact us at email:

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Please note this address. Contact us today and we will discover which of our services will best suit your project. Competitive Pricing, Friendly Service. Way to much to mention, but many items you cannot find anywhere else. Come visit us and see if we have something that catches your eye! No appointment necessary.

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