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  • Main Activity: Jewelry Appraiser
  • Washington Dc

  • 5335 Wisconsin Ave Nw
  • 202 237 2229


Thomas Cook Currency Service, 5335 Wisconsin Ave Nw, Washington Dc - Jewelry Appraiser

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Thomas Cook Currency Service is Jewelry Appraiser from Washington Dc. Our Goal is to bring a piece of history into your life and your home. Whether looking for a single, vintage antique furniture piece for your home or searching for the perfect antique collectible, you are sure to discover special antique treasures Our staff works to educate each customer thoroughly about the facts concerning the items purchased. Our company appreciates how much you love your old antique furniture each piece has a story and may have been in your family for years. If you are looking for a specific item, let us know and we can keep an eye out for it. If you are a collector, you will surely find something that will enhance your collection. We buy and sell gold and silver jewelry, as well as scrap gold, and will pay a substantial premium above the scrap price for good items


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Thomas Cook Currency Service Washington Dc offers: We buy, sell and trade! What you find in our store today can easily be gone tomorrow and, for consigned items, there is no getting them back. Beautiful jewelry & accessories at affordable prices for everyone in the family. Antiques, Gift Shops, Used Furniture, Decorative Ceramic Products, Furniture Stores. Large selection and Low prices on Quality Affordable Antique Furniture. Having beautiful furnishings does not have to be expensive! Antiques, Collectibles, Used Furniture, Furniture Stores.

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Call us at the phone number: 202 237 2229 or visit our website: or contact us at email:

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Welcome to Thomas Cook Currency Service

Give us a call and we will be happy to help you! We carry everything from antiques to appliances, and much more. If you do not see what you want, let us know: we most likely know someone who has what you collect! Come experience our store for yourself. Our reputation is only as good as the job we are working on. Call or visit our website today to schedule your free no obligation estimate.

For additional information, services, prices, products, opening hours, catalog, pricing, sales, price list, if not listed on our site, get info contact Thomas Cook Currency Service.


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