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Londontown Jewelers, 129 E Main St, Elmsford Ny - Jewelry,Antiques

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Londontown Jewelers is Jewelry,Antiques from Elmsford Ny. What seems old fashioned and overlooked by some may indeed be a piece of treasure to you. Our clients range from private to corporate and institutional. Come to our store and find that special treasure you are looking for! The furniture experts, stripping and refinishing offers antique restoration; upholstery; water stains; pianos; chair caning and weaving. All of our items are original unless otherwise stated. We buy and sell gold and silver jewelry, as well as scrap gold, and will pay a substantial premium above the scrap price for good items We specialize in the restoration of broken and damaged antique furniture, art paintings and frames, antique dolls, crystal chandeliers.


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Londontown Jewelers Elmsford Ny offers: Our selection of antiques includes Postcards, Jewelry, Glassware, Stamps and coins, Toys and games, Vintage clothing, and much more! Upholstery, rugs, lighting and antiques are merely a sample of what their large showroom provides. Here you will find unique pieces for your home decor and for the collector in you! We increase its value while creating a piece that will receive a lifetime of admiration in your home. Browse our website to view our large selection of art, jewelry and pottery. Antique Furniture Restoration, Complete Restoration, Veneer Repair and Replacement, Refinishing, Furniture Maintenance and Cleaning. We sell jewelry, antiques, used furniture, fishing gear and so very much more.

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Call us at the phone number: 914 345 0550 or visit our website: or contact us at email:

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