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Brick House Rug Center, 247 E Main St, Palmyra Ny - Antiques

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Brick House Rug Center is Antiques from Palmyra Ny. You will see something to pique your interest! We know the excitement of seeing a client come in and find a hidden gym and exactly what they were looking for. We are always willing to give our customers suggestions of how to display their items within their homes. Whether looking for a single, vintage antique furniture piece for your home or searching for the perfect antique collectible, you are sure to discover special antique treasures If you have something of value, please bring it in. You can buy from us or you can bring in items for consignment as well. We buy and sell coins, paper money and bullion no collection is too large or small.


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Brick House Rug Center Palmyra Ny offers: Visit us to shop our large inventory of antiques, decor and collectible items. From Antiques to Native American art, we have it all! Everything from Mid century furniture, period furniture, collectibles, jewelry-fine and costume, art, rugs, and much more. Our selection of antiques includes Postcards, Jewelry, Glassware, Stamps and coins, Toys and games, Vintage clothing, and much more! We have jewelry and local art work and gifts. The magic continues as our craftsmen meticulously transform these antiques to meet your desires. We stress to each of our customers that there is no transaction too small or big for us.

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Call us at the phone number: 315 597 3883 or visit our website: or contact us at email:

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Welcome to Brick House Rug Center

We are here to help! We look forward to it. Call anytime to set up an appointment. We have helped many families during a difficult time and look forward to meeting and working with you and your family. We offer top of the line products and are constantly receiving new inventory. Our goal is to provide quality results while developing a long relationship with our valued customers.

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