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  • Toledo Oh

  • 1766 Arlington Ave
  • 419 382 9267
  • woodstrip44@aol.com
  • www.woodstrippingtoledo.com


Wood Stripping and Refinishing Shop, 1766 Arlington Ave, Toledo Oh - Antique furniture

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Wood Stripping and Refinishing Shop is Antique furniture from Toledo Oh. When you come to our store you know you can trust that you will receive the best value for the items that are valuable to you! We can sell your quality items for you, it is easy and convenient. Our staff works to educate each customer thoroughly about the facts concerning the items purchased. We buy, sell, and trade coins, stamps and collectibles. A unique mixture of both new and old. We can help complete your silverware collection. We are extremely proud of our results and we are sure you will be satisfied as well.


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Wood Stripping and Refinishing Shop Toledo Oh offers: We are experienced in all types of furniture, from the earliest Victorian pieces to modern contemporary styles. We are always buying new items that there is a market for among those like us that love antique items and collectible goods. These works of art have been around generations before you and will survive all of us as investments or family heirlooms. Have us restore these antiques back to their original glory. Antiques, Collectables, Knives, Swords, Weapons, Radios, Apparel, Glassware, Electronics, Toys, Furniture, Tools, and so much more! It is easy to spend the day rummaging, antiquing, junking, browsing, searching and shopping to find that elusive item you are looking for. We are glad to discuss your appraisal and art needs free of charge.

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Call us at the phone number: 419 382 9267 or visit our website: www.woodstrippingtoledo.com or contact us at email: woodstrip44@aol.com

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