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Blennerhasset Antiques is Antiques from Parkersburg Wv. You will see something to pique your interest! We are always willing to give our customers suggestions of how to display their items within their homes. We provide free in-home appraisal services and complete estate clean outs. We are store filled with antiques: furniture, glassware, figurines, toys, framed art, vintage clothing, primitives, dishware, flatware and much more. We mix the old with the new to encompass your modern and traditional tastes. Our professional team specializes in buying individual antiques as well as antique and vintage collections. Contact us if know someone needing to downsize their collection or have us liquidate their entire estate.


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Blennerhasset Antiques Parkersburg Wv offers: Whether it is antiques, decorative items or collectibles we have a wide variety of items from around the world! Antiques, Collectibles, Used Furniture, Furniture Stores. For your peace of mind, we are happy to provide current market quotes so that you can rest assured of getting or paying a fair rate. Looking to add a bit of unique charm to your home? Consignments, Estate Sales & Appraisals, Antiques & Collectibles. Glassware, Fine China, Fine Art, Antique & Vintage Furniture, Antiques and Retro Furniture. We work as a family and a team to better serve your needs and provide a quality product and service that we are proud of.

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Call us at the phone number: 304 865 0826 or visit our website: or contact us at email:

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Welcome to Blennerhasset Antiques

We are open daily so come by to see what is new as items come in on a daily basis. We keep our prices so low, because we are a small business and we care about customer retention. New merchandise arrives daily! Please come by and visit or give us a call or email us. Please call for any appointment! Give us a call today to see what we can do for you and your business!

For additional information, services, prices, products, opening hours, catalog, pricing, sales, price list, if not listed on our site, get info contact Blennerhasset Antiques.


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