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  • Main Activity: Second Hand Dealers, Resale Shops, Thrift Shops, Antiques, Consignment Service
  • Parkersburg Wv

  • 910 Neal St
  • 304 893 5834


Neal Street Resale Store, 910 Neal St, Parkersburg Wv - Second Hand Dealers, Resale Shops, Thrift Shops, Antiques, Consignment Service

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Neal Street Resale Store is Second Hand Dealers, Resale Shops, Thrift Shops, Antiques, Consignment Service from Parkersburg Wv. No matter what you are searching for, one of our vendors is sure to have a unique, one of kind item with a rich history. Many of these unique finds are displayed for your shopping pleasure. Offering a Fine Selection of Antique and Vintage Items. The most common household items sell just as well as the best antique. We offers cash for antiques, collectibles, precious metals, jewelry, coin collections and most other valuable items. For almost 40 years we have made our customers happy with our reliable, and on time service. Our passion is helping people learn more about coins and expand their collections.


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Neal Street Resale Store Parkersburg Wv offers: Browse our website to view our large selection of art, jewelry and pottery. We have many samples and ideas to choose from. We have great mid-century pieces as well as some antiques mixed in with brand new things. With an unusual but captivating selection of accessories, they have something for everyone, no matter your taste or budget. Using your design specification, we can transform old tattered furniture to an updated charming piece. Services: Gold Silver bullion, Rare coins, Silver dollars, Diamonds, Jewelry, Gold chains, Numismatic. We also offer a basement full of vintage chairs, couches, loveseats andmore that are waiting to be claimed and reupholstered by someone who wants a conversation piece in his or her living room.

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Call us at the phone number: 304 893 5834 or visit our website: or contact us at email:

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Welcome to Neal Street Resale Store

Come experience our store for yourself. Protect your valuables! Come see why our store is truly a one-stop shop for everything you want-new and used-at incredible prices. Call today for a free estimate. You can be assured you are receiving the true quality and value. We will give you fair value for your sales items.

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